That feeling when you get something in the post

Remember as a kid, you wake up on Christmas morning

The tree is surrounded with gifts with your name on it

You are so excited to get them open and see what is inside ?

Those times have long gone as adults, but getting something in the post

With your name on, that you have no idea what it is

Gives you that same feeling of curiosity and excitement to see what it is

So when a new client joins you, and they then get a nice welcome card in the post

Imagine how much they love your gym right away

No other gym has ever sent them a card in the past

Their impression of your gym has rocketed ?

They are that impressed, they tell their friends in work and they share it all over Social Media

? AMAZING Social Proof right ?

The same can be done when their birthday comes around

Or when they hit a certain milestone

For us, we send out:

✅ Welcome Cards
✅ Birthday Cards
✅ Weight loss milestones
✅ Get well soon & motivational cards

For you, it’s less than £1

For them, that an extra 2-3 months of doing your programme ?




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