Making The Most Of Instagram

Instagram is a great little Social Media channel

Yet not many FitPros are making the most of it

Possibly because they just are not sure on how to make it work for them

Instagram for our Fitness Business is doing exactly what we need it to do

Build KLT with the followers that lead to messages

That then lead to new clients

We have even hired staff from Instagram

So today I want to cover a few of the tips I share from inside The FitPro Portal ?

➡️ These tips work most for location businesses, but a few can work for online too ⬅️

✍️ If you are using your business Instagram account, then check in to your nearest town, city or location

Checking into your own location isn’t going to do anything more than appear on the feed for your location

Checking into your town location, for example, will put your post on that feed

So when someone searches for the town, your post will appear ?

✍️ Use your local areas as Hashtags #

Again when people search your location on locations around your area

You will appear ?

Aim for 6-7 smaller and large location that people in your area will search for

✍️ Go follow a load of people that may be interested in your service

Something that works well for us is following a load of ladies that like a certain slimming club

Or ladies that like the local council or small business that work with our idea clients

Then if they follow you back… Do your magic and sign them up ?


That last tip is something we do a lot with the online stuff we do


✍️ Message all new followers

Anybody new that follows you, drop them a message

Check their profile out, mention something in the comment

Then if they reply, bring the conversation around to booking them in for a coffee


That is enough for now ?

Instagram isn’t a quick way to generate leads and will take time unless you are willing to pay

Which we show you how to do in The FitPro Portal ?

Put 10 minutes a side every day, and give these tips a go

David 🙂

PS… Or come and join us in The The FitPro Portal for step by step video guides to all of this and more: 

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