It’s SO Key to the generating of the lead

Today is the final day of the Facebooks Ads formula
And it’s actually something that has very little to do with the set up of the advert it’s self
But… it is SO Key to the generating of the lead‼️
It is… the Landing Page ?
You could skip this completely and run a Facebook Leads advert
This is where you create your form within Facebook to generate you the lead
The good thing about this way of doing it is that Facebook pre-populate the prospects data they already have on Facebook
This is also the downside of doing it this way too, as it is super easy for a prospect to enter their details
Meaning the quality of lead may not always be the best
Whereas creating a Landing Page specifically to collect the leads
Makes the prospect have to make an effort to type out their details ?
So the landing page…
It first needs to be in line with the advert you are running
If you are calling out women over 35 in your advert
You don’t want to be calling out women over 30 on the landing page
Same for any pictures or videos you put on it
The more in line with the advert the landing page is
The more leads you will get
So what do you have on your landing page?
The answer will ?% surprise you
For example
Simply have just the Facebook Adverts Headline on the landing page
Then 3 boxes to collect the name, email and phone number ?
The longer the landing page, the more complicated the landing page
The fewer leads you will generate
So to finish this short series on Facebook Ads, I want to say this…
Keep it simple
I manage over 25 Facebook Ad accounts across the world
We have over 50 FitPro from around the world in The FitPro Portal
And they all have one thing in common…
They generate cheap, yet QUALITY LEADS
Go back over the last few posts
Take notes and start generating these leads
David 🙂
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