I really don’t like you… But I like her

There is nothing worse than rejection right❓

Someone telling you they don’t like you for reason “x”

Yet, you turn up the next week and all of a sudden that persons reaction to you is completely different

This is 100% the same when it comes to running your Facebook Ads

If you only run 1 copy and 1 image, and that person seeing it doesn’t like what they see or read

Then they don’t turn into a lead

But if you give them a different opportunity to see you again

Maybe with a different copy or image

Things may be different

So next time you get your ads up, consider this set up

Have 1 Campaign

That Campaign has say, 5 Ad Sets

With each Ad Set having either a different copy but same image

Or same copy, but different images/video

Then give it a few days, to check the stats

You will instantly see a winner ?

This is how you get better results when it comes to running Facebook Ads


David 🙂

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