Don’t over complicate it

Anxiety, over thinking & procrastinating are a pain in the ?

They stop you from getting the things you really need and want to get done

The bigger the project, the more you put it off

Often because it seems too complicated and you have no idea where to start

Today, I was tagged in a post on Instagram from a PT in Belfast I met up with when I was over there the other month

She wanted to get her business online, and things just hadn’t been moving

She had done a few courses, read plenty of books, and spent hours thinking about creating this perfect online fitness business

But all the time, nothing was happening

No leads were coming in, no sales were being made

Yet a load of cash was going out on trying to learn all these new special tricks on how to do it

So when we sat down, we had a chat about getting set up for going online

And as you can guess we talked about keeping it simple

⬇️ ⬇️ First…

You don’t need to go out and film a load of exercises and spend hours creating recipes

If you don’t want to spend, you can send over and excel sheet with the workouts on and a link to a YouTube tutorial video of someone doing them

If you don’t want to outsource your nutrition, you can jump on the BBC food website and get a load of ideas from there

If you are happy to invest, there are apps that have online workouts built in and outsource nutrition specialists you can work with

As for the advertising, keep it simple too

Call out to a specific audience, tell them your offer and start messaging and calling them up

Most of this stuff, including step by step video guidance can be found inside The Portal:

I can guarantee Joe Wicks didn’t go crazy and buy a load of things when he set up

Even know his programme isn’t complicated

You fill in a form, he sends you what you need to do

So stop complicating things

✅ Decide who your programme is for

✅ Decide what to include in your programme

Then start telling the world about it ?

David 🙂

PS… Come check out the post I was tagged in and don’t forget to follow her:

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