An apology


I know I haven’t been around the last week

Things have been a little crazy here at DKnine Fitness

We had a staff member on Holiday, a minor family emergency and we have started looking for a gym manager too

I then had to step in and cover sessions

Ending the week in North Wales with the family to just relax and recover

And all the non paid FitPro stuff went out the window
– Daily Emails
– Social Media Posts
– Replying to emails & messages

Of course, I still kept up with the FitPro paid clients

But I let YOU DOWN!!

I didn’t send any email or post anything on Social Media


Because our system FAILED

I usually write the emails in batches, then hand them to Elsie to spell check and schedule them up

I usually write all the Social Media posts on a Sunday and schedule them all

Yet last week, because 1 thing was out of place

Everything fell

And I can guarantee you have things like this in your business

Maybe it’s you that does the Facebook Ads, the chasing, the sales, the sessions and everything else on top

But if you just can’t get the ads done 1 week

The knock on effect is massive

So we are now looking to have a few casual trainers on the books to cover when needed

We are getting a gym manager in to manage the staff and make sure the business keeps moving forward

All things that will make sure we don’t have weeks like last week again

Let’s do this 🙌

David 🙂

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