December is the month you need to be everywhere

On social media, out and about in your local town and villages

Because once that clock strikes midnight on the 31st of December

All, every women and man will want to do is start a “New Year, New Me” program

They will be planning on losing the Christmas weight and getting ready for the holidays

That’s why this time of the year, you need to be collecting as many email addresses as possible

With the FitPro’s we work with, we get them to create a super simple meal plan, tips guide or giveaway that prospects will read

Then give it away for FREE in exchange for their email address

With their email addresses, you then have their permission to contact them on a daily, weekly or as often as you want

With free content like this email or a sales email

Take a second to think about what your prospect will want to know about

Create a super simple guide and get them out there

Or save your time and have us create your sales funnel instead 😉

David 🙂

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