Facebook ads can sometimes be so frustrating

I get people asking me all the time for tip on what works best

I could give you 100’s of different tweaks that might work for you

Thing you have to remember is that every audience is different

They respond differently to:

– the language

– the images

– the copy

– the call to action

And so much more

But if there are 2 things you need to get right, that will make all the difference is the


These two things can make the difference between a great ad and one that flops

Does the headline call out to a specific person, is it touching a pain point?

“ONLY read this is you are a guy between 25-30, that NEEDS to be beach body ready for the summer”

“Southampton Mum of 2, back in that pair of jeans hiding in the back of the wardrobe”

These 2 quick examples are talking directly to an audience and touching pain points

Next bit is the image, this can be a tricky one because the example for the guys and girls on here would be completely different

For the guys one, you would 100% stick a picture of guys on the beach with a 6 pack

Whereas the ladies one needs to a picture related, maybe a group of ladies in that bracket smiling after a session

Play around with these, keep notes and then work on the rest of the copy

David 🙂

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