Sometimes in life… when you take that step back

You realise that it is you that needs to change

This is exactly the same in your sales funnel

You might have created the ULTIMATE SALES FUNNEL

But when you put it out there to your target audience

It flops big time

It’s not because your audience is wrong

It is simply because your funnel is rubbish

It possibly isn’t talking to them

Not using their language

Not using the current visuals

Maybe even the funnel is actually broken and you missed that key step

And don’t worry I see this ALL THE TIME

The easiest example is a Facebook advert to a landing page

I will be running them for clients

But they are getting no leads

They turn to me and say the add isn’t working

Then I show them that the add is getting super cheap click onto the landing page and the number of clicks each day

This when they realise that it’s the landing page

We usually jump on a quick call and make their landing pages much better

The biggest thing is to track the numbers of each step of your funnel

This way you will always know what is not working and where you need to fix it

David 🙂

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