The Prefect Client

The Perfect Client

We all have an idea of the perfect client. The one that pays on time and never misses a session. One that is never late or makes an hour session seem like 3 hours. The client you look forward to working with each week, and you probably already have a few of them. But with a few good ones, there are probably a few really bad one that you would love to not have to work with anymore. What if there was a way to root out all the ones you don’t want to work with and find more of the ones you do want?

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Only working with your preferred client is fairly straightforward, if you are confident enough to turn to someone and say… > I don’t want to work with you < Not all of us are, and I totally get that anybody wanting to work with you is a good thing for your bank balance. But IT IS your overall happiness that really matters! I have worked with plenty of clients in my PT business and with FitPro Web Design that I didn’t want to work with. So I decided to introduce one simple step to find my perfect clients. First is finding what makes your perfect client, and why you enjoy working with them. Go into real detail about what makes that client perfect as this will help with stage 2! Step 2 is simply including an application form into your process. This will make it clear to you what type of person is filling it in. From here you have 2 options, either hitting reply and telling them you are full or booking them in for a consultation of some sort. If you are doing the consultation… REMEMBER you are in charge. If you don’t want to work with them simply tell them you are busy.
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Adding these 2 simple steps will help you weed out the people you don’t want to work with and make it clear to you what type of person your perfect client is. If you are struggling to find clients, then you should read one of my previous posts on adding this step into a Facebook Advert: Read Now Remember, you are the one in charge! Work with the people you enjoy the most and not only will you feel better, you will also deliver better results David 🙂
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Hi, I’m David 🙂

(The one without the hat) Back in 2012, I was setting up my PT Business when I realised I needed a website. I Jumped online and collected a few quotes, and couldn’t believe how much people were charging for a basic website! How on earth could a small business afford a decent website? Nevertheless, I had one built and boy I was shocked. The website looked AMAZING but it didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Bring in NEW leads and customers It was that exact point, FitPro Web Design was born. To Build High-Quality Websites, That Bring In Quality Leads Each Week!

A really simple FB ad you can use

We are in the final week of January The “Game Changer” month for most PT & FitPro’s ***** Unless you are full more or less the rest of the year like my clients 😉 **** Anyway, I wanted to give you a really simple bit of copy you can use for a FB ad Tweak away and use...

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