How To Find Clients Offline

There are so many ways to find clients online knower days from Facebook Ads to Social Media and many other ways across the internet. That most people have forgotten how to find client the old way, the way before the internet came along.

And boy, there are so many ways of finding clients offline. The trick is you need to be different to everyone else to really stand out.

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For starters, creating a bunch of flyers is always a good start. Getting it right with what to put on them, is usually the biggest problem. Most will have a picture of them or their logo, a little content about what happens during the sessions and the price.

The thing is tho, if this isn’t what your prospects are looking for that very moment, then they will walk straight past it.

This is where you need to be a little more creative about your flyers. Your aim with the flyers should be to grab some sort of details from the person looking at the flyer. Because once they have looked at the flyer, then put it back down, they have already forgotten about what it says.

Whereas, if you say: “Claim your free session by texting your name”
Then you instantly start building a profile for this prospect, in other words, their phone number to keep them updated.

Other ways of doing it include giving something away, let’s say a 7 Day Meal Plan but to get access, they need to leave their email address on a landing page you have created.

What I have done for my own Fitness Business, is buy is a domain called: and creating a simple landing page to collect their details.

This makes it super easy for them to type in, instead of a complicated domain name such as: By giving something away, you then have access to their email address.

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Now you have your flyers, you need to place them in places your prospects are going to go and see them. For example, ladies who want to lose weight. The places would be:
> Hairdressers
> Beauty salons
> Kids Nurseries
> Ladies type of shops (Ann Summers)

Remember to ask before you leave them.

There you go, one of the many I use to find clients offline!

David 🙂
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