How To Create An Ebook Using Canva

Ebooks are a great form of Lead Generation for Personal Trainers, and perfect for delivering more value to your current clients.

What’s better is they don’t take long to make!

Simply decide on the topic, write out all the text you want to include, then turn it into an Ebook using is a tool I use almost every day, to create images for Social Media Posts, Facebook Ads, Posters & in this case Ebooks. It is a simple drag and drop software, that allows you to create the design you need.


Below, I have created a video for you on how you can create your own Ebook using

Book Your FREE 30 Minute Online Mapping Session Today,
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Book Your FREE 30 Minute Online Mapping Session Today,
And Let’s Map Out Your Complete Online Presence

Try These Topics

I have used to create so many different Ebooks for my own Fitness Business, from new content for my clients including:

  • Recipe Books & Meal Plans
  • Workouts
  • Mindset Guides

To Lead Generating Ebooks including:

  • Meal Plans
  • Top 5 Tips To…

And it’s a win, win on every occasion. Try it! Pick your topic, Create the content, Then watch the video above to create the Ebook 🙂

Who Is FitPro Web Design?

Hi, I’m David 🙂

(The one without the hat)

Back in 2012, I was setting up my PT Business when I realised I needed a website. I Jumped online and collected a few quotes, and couldn’t believe how much people were charging for a basic website!

How on earth could a small business afford a decent website?

Nevertheless, I had one built and boy I was shocked. The website looked AMAZING but it didn’t do what it was supposed to do. Bring in NEW leads and customers

It was that exact point, FitPro Web Design was born. To Build High-Quality Websites, That Bring In Quality Leads Each Week!

A really simple FB ad you can use

We are in the final week of January The “Game Changer” month for most PT & FitPro’s ***** Unless you are full more or less the rest of the year like my clients 😉 **** Anyway, I wanted to give you a really simple bit of copy you can use for a FB ad Tweak away and use...

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I love this

A few weeks back I was approached by a guy in Manchester He was launching a new program this month and needed a funnel that helps generate him clients We chatted I found out what I needed and built his funnel He got back to me the other day with how he is getting on...

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What is your “WHY”?

What is your “WHY”? What I mean to say is what do you actually want to achieve? If you know exactly what you want to achieve and the “WHY” behind it then anything is possible You probably already say this type of stuff to your clients But it is 100% the exact same...

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