Everybody loves a story

From the latest Star Wars at the cinema

To an episode of Teletubbies

They all have the same thing in common

The start or opening

The middle

And the end

So if you can deliver the exact same with your client’s results then you too will be sharing a great story

Just imagine how powerful of a story you would have if you created a short video on one of your best results, including:

They’re before picture

Pictures and videos of them working out

Then they’re after picture

This type of video is super powerful as an advertising campaign and something to show all new prospects

I use a super simple app called: Quick – GoPro Video Editor

It is free, really easy to use and create high-quality videos with just a few click

I posted an example in the community group the other day: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1238186096304055/

The video was perfect for a Facebook Ad campaign I create for a client

David 🙂

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