There are so many FitPro’s out there that still don’t have a website

A website is one of your most powerful LEAD GENERATING tools out there

Yet on a daily basis, I get FitPro’s who have been running for years ask about setting up their very first website

So today I wanted to share you, the simplest & fastest guide to setting up your own basic website

1. You need a domain name. This is your website name, mine is, yours could be your business name. If you don’t have one, I would head over to and purchase one there.

2. Next, you need to install WordPress on your domains FTP. The company you purchased your domain with or hosting company should have a simple 1 click setup available.

3. Find your perfect theme! Once you have WordPress up and running, you will need to install a theme you like the look of. Install it and start to customise your website

4. Create the essential pages to your site! Here are a few to start with: Home > About > Services > Success Stories > Contact

5. Show the world your site. Once you have the website up and running, send as many people to it as you can to show off your services and success stories

David 🙂

PS… Once you have your website set up, make sure you have plenty of “Call to Actions” on it to generate leads

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